Student Bloggers Share their Experiences in Israel!

Sunday, april 23, 2017 | Yom rishon

Today we started the day by going on an amazing hike in the Upper Galil! In the middle of the hike we got to climb through a cave. In the cave Rabbi Green and others decided to try to scare me, but they couldn’t. I’m invincible. After the cave we walked through a small stream and played an intense game of “wah” . Then we drove to Acco and had falafel for lunch. Afterwards we had a walking tour through this beautiful city. First we went to a really tall wall that had protected Acco for hundreds of years. While we were at the wall Rabbi Green decided it would be funny to spit water at us, but once again he failed and I spat water at him. Then we went to the Ramchal shul and learned his philosophy and davened mincha. We then went to the beach, which wasn’t exactly a beach. The ocean was very fun, though the ocean got in a fight with us a bit, a couple of bumps later we are all good!! Later we had a Yom HaShoah tekes led by our madrichah and tour guide. Today was awesome!!

–Ilana Oberlander