Student Bloggers Share their Experiences in Israel!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 | Yom Shlishi

Today we started waking up at 4 am thanks to Connecticut group then went back to sleep and then woke up from a meowing peacock and from birds and the cold but it was all good👍! We went to Daven and then went to eat breakfast we quickly ate breakfast and went to camel ridings where Jeffrey got eaten by a camel but he’s okay. The camel ride was a ton of fun! We went on our way to Masada where we learned a very complicated song(the only word in the song is Masada) then after learning a lot about Herod the great we found a Torah scribe who we got to talk to and ask him questions and he wrote all of our names in Torah writing and was very generous. He works inside Masada so he gets a lot of exercise each day! We took the long path down Masada called the snake path while singing “Masada” loudly so others can join. After Masada we went to the Dead Sea, ouch! Our cuts stung so much! After cleansing our faces we went to קבר רחל which Rabbi Green told us a story about a daughter whose wedding was the next day but she and her father were in a terrorist attack so she wasn’t able to walk down the isle but her wedding dress was made into a covering to the Aron so the girls went to see it and took pictures for the boys and davened and then went on our way. We dropped off Dr. Nir (our medic) and went to Kiryat Moriah in yerushalayim and designed our sweatshirts! Oh, and went to sleep! We also saw cats that we didn’t touch them because rabbi said no😭.

–Avital Bracha Rubin