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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 | Yom revi’i

Today we went to the kotel for a little bit, the stones were bigger then I thought they would be, soon after we took a tour of the kotel tunnels to see how they built theĀ  city … On top of a mountain, so Herod wanted a huge platform for a huge temple on top of Har moriah, but the problem was that the mountain was two small for his building so he decided to build a new foundation, the western wall were everybody daven is only a very small part of the whole wall of the western retention wall! But the reason why we daven at this wall Is because they say it is the closest thing to were the beit hamikdash and the kodesh HaKedashim would have been. After we toured the kotel tunnels we went to the bait hamikdash exhibit of all of the Kailim that were exactly made according to the rules to be ready for the third beit hamikdash!! It was very interesting and amazing to see all of the details in each of them and how they weren’t able to re-create the Aron because it’s not allowed. This exhibit was absolutely once in a life time experience. And finally my favorite part of this day, A couple of people accidentally bought four pies of pizza instead of four slices and had to walk through chizkiyahu’s water tunnels with it. We ended our day visiting Sara’s family all made from St. Louis! It was a long day walking around everywhere and an awesome one.

— Jeffrey Yampol