Student Bloggers Share their Experiences in Israel!

Saturday, April 29, 2017 | Yom Shabbat Kodesh

Shabbat. Shabbos. What do these words mean to you? This Shabbat started with a trip to the Kotel. At the holy Kotel we danced and davened, and it was super legit.  We came back to the youth hostile where we were served a beautiful dinner complete with a chupa schnitzel (editor’s note: that’s Sarah’s special phrase, an inside joke — RYG). We ended our night with an oneg where we played games and smiled and cried and stuff.
On Saturday we all woke up to the beautiful sound. It was a sound of “we woke up 30 minutes late so you have 5 minutes to get ready”. It wasn’t stressful because whether we have 5 minutes or an hour to get ready I and someone else from our room will still take 20 minutes to sit up, and that’s ok. We walked and talked and after a long tiring 15 minutes of walking we made it, we made it to a Shul where Jews congregate to pray. We ate a yummy kiddish, and were welcomed by the rabbi. Then we came home ate lunch, went on a walk to a train thingy, slept on suitcases, and then we ate some food we all bought for each other in the Shuk, had a picnic whilst watching the sun set from a view that was spectacular (the Tayalet/Haas Promenade with a view of the entire old city and surrounding mountains- RYG). Then we said havdallah, packed and were on our way to the airport. It’s been a blast!

— Sarah Kline