From the Desks of Rabbi Green and Mr. Graham

We are once again excited to share with you all about our professional development learning and how energized our faculty is to learn together.

Wednesday was truly an inspired session, as our general studies staff spent our half-day in-service getting to know our new-for-next-year math curriculum, Ready Mathematics. This was our first of several opportunities to learn about the curriculum our teachers will have this school year, over the summer break, and the energy and excitement coming from our faculty were palpable!

Ready Mathematics is a research-based curriculum that prepares students for mastery of rigorous mathematics standards. The instruction in Ready will help students learn important mathematical concepts, develop problem-solving skills, and apply what they have learned outside of the classroom. Ready will challenge students to build on their previous mathematical knowledge, learn and explore different approaches to solving problems, and strengthen their critical thinking and complex reasoning skills.  

Next up – our general studies team will engage in a six-hour training on May 16th to take a deeper dive into Ready Mathematics. Additionally, over the summer our staff will work on pacing guides, documents to help provide a timeline or roadmap for exactly how and when this wonderful new curriculum will be taught, unit by unit. This is just one small and awesome example of how we are gearing up for an exciting 2018-2019 school year.

You can learn more about Ready Mathematics by visiting  



Rabbi Yaakov Green
Head of School

Mr. Anthony Graham
Academic Principal