The H.F. Epstein Hebrew Academy is a child-centered Orthodox Jewish day school, dedicated to educating Jewish children in Torah and general studies and nurturing children’s love for Israel and the Jewish people. Children are taught to think critically, to reason and to excel in all the academic disciplines; the school also models lessons in middot (character building) and chesed (caring for each other).

The Academy, the first Jewish day school in Missouri, has been pioneering the field of Jewish education in the St. Louis area since 1943. Academy graduates become Torah scholars, educators and leaders in the Jewish community as well as active professionals in the arts, sciences, business, law and government. The school is affiliated with the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) and is associated with the Torah U’Mesorah network of schools (the National Association of Hebrew Day Schools) and Yeshiva University’s Institute for University School Partnership.

Our Mission

The H.F. Epstein Hebrew is an Orthodox Day School, disciplined and inspired by Torah, dedicated to the Jewish People and the State of Israel. Committed to excellence in religious and general studies, the school seeks to educate Jewish children in a creative, progressive and nurturing environment.

The EHA Philosophy

The Epstein Hebrew Academy education is holistic in nature and inspires cognitive growth, emotional and social well-being and academic excellence.

EHA provides individualized support so that every student shines, and develops his/her own leadership.

School, Student and Parent form a true collaborative partnership to ensure that each student and each family thrives through their school experience.

EHA inspires curiosity and trains life-long learners. Our faculty role-model this curiosity and thirst for knowledge and growth.

EHA demands the highest of standards of academic excellence within both Judaic and general studies, as the pursuit of knowledge causes a deeper understanding and appreciation for all that G-d creates and provides.

EHA lives by our sages’ dictum: “Decency and Kindness precede Torah Study.” The faculty role model Middot Tovot, positive behavioral education, and carefully craft this learning into the fiber of everything we do.

Our Torah demands of everyone a civic responsibility, and that we actively engage as global citizens of the world in which we live. With pride and gratitude, we feel the centrality of the State of Israel to our Jewish identity, and to our devotion to the Jewish people.

EHA creates young Torah scholars with a thirst for Torah’s wisdom, instilled with the skill set needed to unlock all sacred texts, and the cognitive ability to debate our heritage’s deepest questions.

Our people’s beautiful heritage is a vibrant and emotional religion that speaks to all of our senses. Therefore, EHA immerses our students with experiences permeated with the spirit and joy of religious observances.

As our students explore their evolving world, their guidance and education employs the very best and current educational practices that focus on student-centered 21st century skills. Technology, collaborative game-play, creativity and every best teaching tool is used as we guide our students on their own journeys.

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