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St. Louis at a Glance

Welcome to St. Louis, Missouri!

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Population: 2,812,896
Households: 1,119,020
Average Age:  38
Labor Force:  1,464,848
Cost of Living (US=100): 91.5
Source: Regional Commerce Growth Assoc.  2012

St. Louis boasts the kind of cultural treasures you’d expect to see only in the very biggest American cities. It has terrific recreational opportunities, from major league sports teams to spectacular parks and golf courses to beautiful hiking and canoeing nearby.  St. Louis is a “20-minute city,” where most of the attractions are within a reasonable distance from most of the people, and the mean commute time to work is far below the national average according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  All this, and St. Louis is a place to create a home with a remarkably low cost of living for all of the comforts and attractions it affords.  It is a big city with the convenience and sense of connectedness of a smaller one.

Look for yourself.  The cost of living is well below the U.S. metro average and very low for a metro area of its size. Please compare the Cost Of Living Index  in Greater St. Louis to almost any of the other metro areas in the country.  And Missouri taxes are reasonable. St. Louis has the fourth lowest housing cost of the top 20 largest metropolitan markets, according to the annual “Home Price Comparison Index” by Coldwell Banker. Compared to the U.S. average ($293,000), the St. Louis average price of $192,306.  St. Louis also has an abundance of affordable housing of the top 20 largest metropolitan areas in the country.

most affordable housing

St. Louis has the second-lowest home prices

Lowest Home Prices
of the top 25 U.S. housing markets’

City Median Home Price
Detroit $124,000
St. Louis $136,600
Pittsburgh $140,000
Atlanta $143,300
Tampa $145,700

Metro Area                                                        Share of Homes
Affordable for Median Income
St. Louis, MO-IL                                                  85.5%
Baltimore, MD                                                     74.3%
Chicago, IL                                                       74.3%
Dallas, TX                                                        71.7%
Philadelphia, PA                                                  71.3%
Houston, TX                                                       70.5%
Seattle, WA                                                       67.8%
Miami, FL                                                         64.0%
Boston, MA                                                        62.5%
San Diego, CA                                                     54.6%
Los Angeles, CA                                                   44.1%
San Francisco, CA                                                 31.4%
New York, NY-NJ                                                   28.5%
Source: “NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Index”  2012

Come to see for yourself.  Visiting the city’s nationally acclaimed Zoo costs – nothing (thanks to philanthropists). The Art Museum, the History Museum, the Science Center costs – nothing. The charges for the Symphony and the Missouri Botanical Garden are all highly reasonable.  Not only is the price right – its central location in the United States makes St. Louis a place easy to reach.

And when you arrive, you’ll get a friendly, appreciative welcome.