Partners & Resources

Central Agency for Jewish Education (CAJE)

St. Louis’ central address for Jewish education.  CAJE works with young and old, across the spectrum of diverse Jewish movements, in formal and informal settings, to enhance and improve Jewish education in St. Louis.

Jewish Family & Childrens Service (JF&CS)

Offers support to individuals and familes with issues ranging from serious emotional difficulties to common challenges of everyday living.

Jewish Federation of St. Louis

Supports and oversees many aspects of the Jewish community in St. Louis. Reports on community, national, and international news. Provides resources on services/opportunities for children and teenages, local life and culture, career seekers, volunteering, philanthropy, and social services.

Saul Brodsky Jewish Community Library

The St. Louis community’s central and comprehensive source for Judaica. The Brodsky Library has become one of the finest Judaic libraries in the midwest and an invaluable Jewish resource for the community. The more than 22,000 volume collection of the Brodsky Library covers every aspect of Judaism. The library also has large collections of CDs, DVDs and periodicals.

Search the Brodsky Library’s online catalog.

St. Louis Jewish Community Center (JCC)

An interactive multi-generational gathering place that offers services in early child-hood education, fitness and health, the arts, camping, and much more.

Torah Mitzion Kollel (TMK) of St. Louis

Through their dedicated Israeli shlichim, the St. Louis Torah MiTzion Kollel promotes the ideals of Torat Israel, Am Israel and Eretz Israel.  Together with members of the community these shlichim provide educational activities in schools and synagogues that aim to stregthen Zionism, Jewish Identity and Torah knowledge in all sectors of the Jewish community.

Yeshiva University School Partnership

The Institute for University-School Partnership, a division of the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration, draws on the intellectual capital and research expertise of Yeshiva University and connects it strategically and proactively to teachers and leaders in the field of Jewish education.